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Measuring Patient Satisfaction: Our Team wants to hear from you!

Patient satisfaction is important to us here at Woodland Village Nursing Center. Patient satisfaction surveys help us to identify ways of improving our services and quality of care. The surveys also reflect areas in which we are great! Ultimately, the results translate into better and happier patients. The Patient Satisfaction Survey is a short questionnaire that provides us with information and insight on our patients’ views of the services we provide. We have partnered with the National Research Corporation, a survey expert, to assist us in administering patient satisfaction surveys. We are committed as a nursing home facility to understanding our patients’ experiences and identifying ways to continually improve those experiences. Shortly after your visit here at Woodland Village Nursing Center, you may receive a call from the National Research Corporation requesting that you take a few minutes to participate in a survey. This survey is given in nursing home facilities throughout the nation. The answers are recorded by the National Research Corporation and compiled into a report that is sent to us. Your identity and personal information are protected. We do not know which patients are randomly chosen, and patient names are not released in the report to Woodland Village Nursing Center -- only the results. It is so important to us that you let us know how well you think we did. We’re Listening!

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