How often is a doctor on site? What happens if an elderly resident has an emergency?

Doctors and nurse practitioners are on site  throughout the week. . The facility is staffed with nurses 24 hours a day and a doctor is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. As an added measure, we have a relationship with local hospitals and health care professionals to assist us during any emergency that could arise.

Does the home arrange outside activities for residents?

Yes. We want every resident to have as enjoyable a stay as possible, so we schedule special outings, including trips to casinos and restaurants as well as regular shopping outings. We also offer multiple   activities at the center that are individualized to meet the preferences of our residents.

What can my loved one bring? Are they allowed to bring personal items?

Your loved one doesn’t need to bring anything other than things that will make their room feel more like home, such as pictures, artwork, a familiar bedspread and treasured knickknacks. Before your loved one moves in, make sure you tour the space to make sure the items they would like to bring will fit easily in the space. To make things easier, we will give you a list of suggested items to bring as well as a layout of the room in which your loved one will be living.

How flexible is your menu? Can residents make choices?

We are proud of our culinary staff’s talent in providing delicious meals. Our diverse menu is sure to have something to please everyone. And with our Delectable Dishes menu, residents can order favorites such as chicken fried steak with gravy, a grilled cheese sandwich, a milkshake or a tomato slice with cottage cheese. Snacks also are available between meals and at bedtime

What is the difference between skilled nursing and assisted living?

Assisted living is best for those seniors who need some supervision and limited assistance with their care and medication regimen,  but do not require 24-hour- care and supervision by medical staff.

Social activity is important. What do you offer residents?

We believe that having fun and being with other people is the best medicine of all. It not only cures loneliness, it can help in recovery. That’s why we have an Activities Director who has put together a complete calendar of activities and social events for residents, including arts and crafts classes, social events, parties, bingo and other games, prayer services and movie nights. We also have a beauty parlor as well as many other amenities which set us apart from other facilities.

Can couples live together?

Of course, couples can live together. We believe the bond of a couple is very important.

As a caregiver, I feel I need some help. Where can I turn?

As the child or spouse of an aging or ill loved one, guilt or fear may prevent you from getting the help you need. Our nursing home admissions team will be happy to provide you with literature support, community support programs and information about our services to give you a break with our respite care services and help you get the rest you need.

What is respite care? Do you provide it?

Respite care is an intermittent short-term stay to relieve the primary caregiver of their duties on a temporary basis and allow them an opportunity to take a much needed break. Yes, we do provide respite care.

How do I get started in making health care decisions for myself or a loved one?

Get started by including your primary care physician in the decision-making process. He or she can tell you about your loved one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being so that you can start to understand what care will be the most beneficial.


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