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Our Picks

Resident of the Month

Rita Sachitano!

Rita has been with Woodland just under a year and has brought smiles to every resident, visitor, and staff member with her nurturing, spunky disposition. Her husband of 75 years, Anthony, says of her, “she is a lovely person and has been a wonderful mother to our two sons, and two daughters, and a devoted wife.” She loves everyone. With 17 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren, she continues to love babies and wants to take care of children daily. Mrs. Rita lets everyone know her Anthony takes good care of her and she loves him dearly. Mrs. Rita can be found strolling around the facility with her babies. She participates independently in bingo, socials, enjoys religious services, and courtyard breaks. Thanks, Rita for bringing so many smiles to everyone!

Employee of the Month

Thelma Sno, LPN!

Thelma has been a fixture and dedicated employee for our center for 29 years. She is a loyal, committed and compassionate nurse who is always willing to help others. Thelma uses sound judgment and keeps all of our staff members on their toes during the night shift. She enjoys her two children, a daughter that lives with her, and a son in Europe that she visits regularly. Traveling and cruising are her things, and she is WVNC’s night shift thing! Congratulations Thelma! You deserve this honor for taking such good care of our residents and our staff!



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