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Our Picks

Resident of the Month

Elton Ladner

Mr. Ladner has been with WVNC just under a year, however he jumped right in making new friends right away. Elton is from Pass Christian and he used to build houses from the ground up. He has 2 sons and 2 daughters, and “more grandchildren that I can count on both my hands.” Elton’s favorite activity is playing Blackjack,yet enjoys exercise groups, karaoke, happy hour, dancing and Bingo. Elton especially enjoys going on the fishing and casino outings. Elton said a fun fact about him is that, “He loves all pretty women know matter the size or color.” Mr. Ladner thank you for bringing joy to WVNC, and please continue to put smiles on everyone’s faces at WVNC. He’s pictured with his loving family.
Photographs: Elton Ladner with his Family (Left-Right) - First row: Kitzie Necaise, Ryeann Second row: Cecil Necaise, Ryeann Necaise, Chloe Ladner, Claire Ladner, Elton Ladner - Third row: Devin Levron, Kenzo Erdiana, Ashley Ladner, Durel Levron - Fourth row: Sheryl Levron, Peyton Ford Standing: Lauryn Ladner

Employee of the Month

Certified Nursing Assistants

A certified nursing assistant job description includes wearing many hats. The main role of a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is to provide basic care to patients, as well as assisting residents with daily activities. Some of these activities include bathing, toileting, dressing, feeding, transfers from bed to mobility device, etc. Because of the personal and intimate nature of the job, a certified nursing assistant must have excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to be compassionate, and CNAs must enjoy helping others. Our nursing assistants share smiles, tears, and sweat while maintaining dignity and recognizing the contributions of residents who have made our world a better place. Because of their care, they make the world a better place for our residents. For all these and many more reasons, we CELEBRATE our nursing assistants and recognize they are the backbone of Woodland Village Nursing Center! Thanks for all you do!
Photographs: (Home page slider) - Alicia Mahan, Skylar Griffis, KK Bradford, Charity Crosby, Nakia Johnson, Lia Johnson, Belinda Adams - (Left) - Sonya Maines, Belinda Adams, Renee Hall, Alita Ladner, Tanisha Robinson



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