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Our Picks

Resident of the Month

Steve Harrison!

Mr. Harrison has been with Woodland Village Nursing Center since last summer and has become a part of the village family. He has adopted several fish that he feeds and cleans regularly. You can find him on most bus trips to Walmart, casinos, fishing trips, the thrift store, or just riding in town. He makes it a point to meet and greet everyone with a smile and makes newcomers feel welcomed and appreciated. With all his expressions of gratitude, he exudes a humble and gracious disposition. Thanks Steve Harrison for your smiles and help!

Employee of the Month

Thelma Sno

Thelma Sno celebrated her 30th year with a party with family, staff, and residents! She was gifted with a sterling silver pearl bracelet, with diamond chips and gold trim, and a silver and pearl necklace, trimmed in gold. There was food, accolades, and laughter for her milestone accomplishment. She began working when the company was called Hotel Reed, and transitioned to Woodland Village. She briefly thought she wanted to work PRN at another facility, but her heart was at Woodland with Ms. Cain. Ms. Sno, words cannot describe the gratitude and appreciation the numerous family members, staff, and residents have appreciated your loyalty and clinical excellence. Thanks for your commitment to Woodland Village Nursing Center these past 30 years!



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