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Our Picks

Resident of the Month

Larry Coulter!

Larry has been with WVNC for under a year. His previous occupation was as a subcontractor, and he built houses. He enjoys living the simple good life, wild women, and Harley Davidson motorcycles. His greatest accomplishment was having a good relationship with his wife prior to becoming a widower. He calls himself a rambling man at this time in his life. He has continued his building profession by building diamond match ships! Larry enjoys building the match ships, which is his legacy to fame here at Woodland Village Nursing Center. Larry has built these ships as a token of his gratitude to the Therapy department and Activity Department for caring about him so much. He is humbled to have his exceedingly fine craftsmanship noticed in the newsletter. Thanks Larry, for your contribution to the decor in the nursing home and sharing a part of you as a legacy!

Employee of the Month

Kristen Kennedy!

Kristen has been with Woodland just under a year. She came to WVNC with experience in mental health. Kristen is admired and respected for her compassion, dedication, and willingness to go above the line. She was noted for running to help a resident’s family member in catching him before he stumbled. I guess this agility is due to her fast pitch ball that she participates in during her free time with a group of friends. Kristen also enjoys spending time with her fiancé and 3-year-old, Kahleyn. One of her favorite programs is Naked and Afraid, she enjoys playing in the yard with Kahleyn, and going to the park. Kristen is always willing to work extra hours, takes initiative anticipating needs, and is a delight to work with every shift. Thanks, Kristen for all you do to help so many others.



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