Resident of the Month

Mr. Charles Dragoo

October 2019

Mr. Dragoo has been with Woodland Village Nursing Center since his favorite sporting event, The Kentucky Derby!  He has gone to them for the past 14 years. He was in management and general sales for dairy production in a large region.

Mr. Dragoo loves horses and enjoys football. He is an avid Saints fan. He enjoys watching “The Price is Right,” “Wheel of Fortune” and watching local and FOX News. He is looking forward to our Ho Down, Throw Down event, where he can listen to country music and watch the line dances.

He expresses, with emotion, the gratitude he has for the therapy department and the progress he accomplished due to their expertise and diligence in assisting with his rehab.  He is always friendly and has a smile for everyone!  He feels his greatest accomplishment in life has been rearing his sons and taking care of his ill mother until her death.  He is very tender hearted and kind to everyone.

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